The Gumnuts

When I was a little girl, much of my time was spent playing underneath Marri and Jarrah trees in the hills. Marri are an Australian gum tree, and their plentiful fruit is a small, round and hard little cauldron shape, commonly called a ‘honky nut’. These gum nuts were everywhere, and when the flocks of black cockatoos would come by, a deluge would be found on the road, snipped off by their sharp beaks. We used to hoard these nuts en-masse as kids, and use them for barter or weaponry in our wild games. In primary school, my teachers taught me how to bang the nuts and release the tiny seeds within, and we even germinated some of these into seedlings. The gum nut of the Marri contains with it all the potentiate symbolism that an oak is often given in Northern Hemisphere folklore. And whilst I love the Oak tree, and the rare occurrences of them when they have been planted and thrived here in Western Australia, it is the eucalypt, or more specifically the mighty Marri, Jarrah and Tuart trees, where I find the most connection and kinship. This blog is a celebration of that connection and kinship – with nature, with community, and with the Godds.

The Crossroads

The crossroads are a site of liminality. The meeting and parting of the ways at the crossroads ensnare the imagination and bring possibilities, promise, and sometimes – danger. In folklore, myth and legend, the crossroads are a site of mysterious meetings, curious creatures and magical rites. For the Hekatean witch, the crossroads are a place to leave offerings to Her. This blog is a meeting of ways, and an offering, all at once.

The Witch

Here and there I have left voices, words and scratchings of my craft online. This blog is me, writing once more, and documenting a new journey as a seeker . You might know me as Lee, or Eris, or maybe you don’t know me at all. Thanks for reading.